Humanities Major

The Undergraduate Evening Degree Completion program is discontinuing four of its majors – communication, English, humanities and social sciences. We will continue to offer courses for current students to fulfill their degree requirements through summer 2017; however, the total number of courses offered will decline as the program winds down.

Admission to the humanities major has been suspended. Current humanities majors will not be affected.

The overall focus of the humanities major is on the ways human beings from different cultures understand their world through communication, literature and the arts. Students in this major explore diverse perspectives in thematically related courses from classics, literature, intellectual history, comparative religion, communications and art history.

Humanities is a multidisciplinary major that includes upper-division courses selected by faculty of the UW College of Arts and Sciences. Students discuss literary and artistic works from a variety of perspectives and approaches, as well as theories of interpretation and practical communication. Analytical, research and communication skills that can enhance a person's career opportunities are emphasized. Coursework encourages greater understanding of issues, ideas and themes both throughout history and in the contemporary world.

Careers and Internships

A degree in humanities equips graduates with powerful critical-thinking skills that are essential to any profession. The program also develops strong communication, research and analytical abilities that serve students well whatever their chosen field. Graduates go on to work in a wide variety of careers and pursue advanced degrees in many different academic and professional disciplines. The UW Career Center provides useful tools and information relating to jobs and internships for students and alumni, and the Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center offers help connecting students with public service internship opportunities.