English Major

The Undergraduate Evening Degree Completion program is discontinuing four of its majors – communication, English, humanities and social sciences. We will continue to offer courses for current students to fulfill their degree requirements through summer 2017; however, the total number of courses offered will decline as the program winds down.

Students majoring in English at the University of Washington are exposed to a variety of critical perspectives and have the opportunity to pursue interests in literary history, critical theory, cultural studies and language study. Top-notch writing skills, analytical ability, research acumen and a broadened perspective on the world are among the attributes English majors can expect to acquire through their studies.

The Undergraduate Evening Degree Completion program offers the English Language and Literature option only. This major offers students a broadly based, historically grounded introduction to the literatures of Britain, the United States and other English-speaking lands from around the world. The literature courses focus on techniques of literary analysis; theoretical problems posed by the interpretation of texts; the social, historical and political context of literary production and reception; and the pleasures of reading. Most courses require significant written work and stress the development of critical thinking skills. The major's courses in language study examine the structural, historical, social and aesthetic dimensions of English.

Students must apply to be admitted to the English major. Learn about admission to the major and the major requirements on the Requirements page.

Careers and Internships

Majoring in English can take you just about anywhere in your career and your life. Graduates find that the transferable skills that they have developed serve them well in all kinds of endeavors, whether the field is business, education, communications, government, law, health and human services, or something else. The greatest challenge can simply be selecting the right path. The UW English Department has assembled a rich set of career exploration resources, including a career blog and information about internship opportunities for English majors. The UW Career Center provides a host of additional tools and services for students and alumni, and the Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center offers help connecting students with public-service internship opportunities.