Communication Major

The Undergraduate Evening Degree Completion program is discontinuing four of its majors – communication, English, humanities and social sciences. We will continue to offer courses for current students to fulfill their degree requirements through summer 2017; however, the total number of courses offered will decline as the program winds down.

The communication major at the University of Washington is designed to prepare students for the challenges of a society that is constantly being informed, entertained, persuaded and shaped by different forms of communication. This academic discipline nurtures socially and culturally responsible and literate individuals who can communicate effectively and who can interpret and evaluate the images and messages they receive every day.

This major offers a broad-based exploration of communication that integrates the following six conceptual areas of study: communication and culture, communication technology and society, rhetoric and critical/cultural studies, global communication, political communication and social interaction. The curriculum teaches students to respect and appreciate diversity, to think critically and to develop the skills required for lifelong learning, which is central to a successful career and rewarding life.

Students must apply to be admitted to the major. Learn about admission to the major and the major requirements on the Requirements page.

Careers and Internships

A degree in communication prepares graduates for a wide variety of occupations and career fields, including the arts, journalism, community/public relations, education, marketing, research, social services and politics. Many students go on to earn graduate degrees in related fields or from professional schools such as business and law schools. The UW Department of Communication website contains more career information for students and alumni, including listings of jobs and internships and Career Kickstart events. The UW Career Center also provides a host of additional tools and services for students and alumni.